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Why Choose Us For Car Removal in North Brisbane?

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According to the 2016 census, the population in North Brisbane was 206,522 people. Brisbane’s most livable suburbs are almost all on the north side. So you are not the only person with an unwanted or old car.

These days, technology advances at a breakneck pace, and older vehicles are deemed scrap or junk. Many individuals believe that it would be preferable to get rid of these old and unwanted cars as soon as possible.

However, if you want to sell your unwanted car, be aware that it is not a simple process. You should sell your car to a reputable and reliable company like North Brisbane Wreckers.

Top 10 Reasons For Choosing Us:

Many car removal businesses acquire old, unwanted, junk cars and dump them in landfills, which is bad for the environment. North Brisbane Wreckers make sure to keep our environment clean from unwanted cars seeping out toxic fluids. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for car removal in North Brisbane.

  • You Get Instant Free Quote

Our online car valuation tool is free of cost. In just a few seconds, you will receive a free instant quote based on your car make, model, condition, age, and mileage. You can also acquire a free quote by calling us at 0469 048 281.

Many clients have chosen us over other car removal businesses because we provide the most accurate and fair rates!

  • Our Car Removal Process is Simple

In only 3 simple steps, you can get a car removal service without putting in much effort or money.

  • Get a Free Quote online or via call
  • Schedule for car removal
  • Get your car removed and receive top dollars instantly.


  • We Accept All Kinds of Vehicles

We will purchase any kind of old or new, junk, scrap, running or not, damage you may have. It may be a van, bus, truck, SUV, or anything else! We never say no to any make or model since auto parts are valuable to us!

  • You Get The Promised Cash Amount

Dishonest car removal companies may give you a price for your scrap car, but when the tow truck arrives to take it up, the offer will not be the same as promised. North Brisbane Wreckers does not operate in this manner. Instead, we tell you upfront how much we’ll pay, and that’s the amount you’ll get.

  • You Get Free Car Removal From Anywhere

No matter where your car is parked in North Brisbane, we will come to that location and tow it away for free. It can be your garage, office parking lot, motorway, or any other place.

  • We Have Experienced & Friendly Staff

You won’t have to pay for a tow truck driver to bring your car to us since we’ll come to you! Our staff has a lot of expertise hauling old and trashy cars and trucks. We know how to get the work done quickly and efficiently since we’ve been doing it for so long.

Our staff members are friendly and eager to answer any questions you may have in order to assist you in removing the car. Our team is not only knowledgeable about the cars we buy but also about the complete car-buying process and their rates in the current market.

  • We Do All The Work

From providing you with an instant free quote to signing all the paperwork for free and towing away your car, we do all the work while you enjoy the hard cash in your hands.

  • We Offer Eco-Friendly Car Recycling Service

Unlike other car removal businesses, we will ensure that your car is taken care of in an environmentally sustainable way. For example, rather than dumping your unwanted car in a landfill, we will recycle it and resale the usable auto parts.

Our expert car recycling team will safely dispose of the toxic fluids and dismantle the auto parts for reuse and recycling purposes.

  • You Can Buy Affordable Auto Parts for Your Car

When you choose us, we make sure you have a wide range of options. In North Brisbane, we supply low-cost car parts of top quality. And if you see any auto part that is out of stock, we will go above and beyond to locate that part for you.

  • We Are Licensed & Reliable Car Removal Company in North Brisbane

Selling your car on the internet can be both time-consuming and unreliable. In addition, not all car buyers are honest, which might result in you receiving an unreasonable estimate and losing a lot of money.

With Cash For Cars North Brisbane, we will complete the paperwork in person so that we can inspect your vehicle and provide you with the highest possible price!

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