Privacy Policy

North Brisbane Wreckers run the website, and this privacy policy will be referred to as “We,” “Us,” or “Our Company.” In this document, we have explained all our policies related to data collection, user privacy, and how this information will help our business.
The information we collect from our guests is mainly to upgrade the user experience on our website. According to our policy, by using our service, you have agreed to collect your data. We have all the right to modify any part of our policy without prior notice.

Collection Of Personal Data

Personal data is the information that is voluntarily submitted to us by our customers. It is used to provide the best and hassle-free services
Information that we collect:
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Location
The policy was designed keeping in mind the significance of our guests’ information handed to us. At the same time, these policies follow all the principles of Australian policy.

Use & Disclosure Of Personal Information

The personal data that we collect from you is only used to provide you with a service. However, if the data is used for any other reason, we will notify you ahead of time.
To understand the efficiency of our website, we collect the following data
  • Browser data
  • IP address
  • No. of visitors on the website
  • Time spent on the website by a visitor

Breach hindrance By Third Party Website

In some cases where third-party websites may try to damage the rights of our guests, we may share the necessary information with the law enforcement agencies so that this matter can be handled using the proper channels.

 Client Data Security

The data we gather from our guests is stored in servers located outside of Australia. When transferring data in a foreign country, the sequestration law may slightly differ from that of Australia. But keeping this in mind, we’ve taken all the necessary ways to ensure that data is transferred securely. While transferring data, we take all software, tackle, and administrative measures to ensure the transfer is secure.

 Policy and systems change

 Our policy gets frequent updates following the national and international laws. Anyone who wants to conduct business with us is advised to visit our policy.
 Registered Guests get a dispatch advertisement informing them of recent changes or updates to the policy. It can help guests manage the data they wish to partake with us before the performance of the programs.

 Inquiries About Sequestration Programs

 We understand the significance of the information being shared, and we try our utmost to cover it from outside forces. But, still, we make sure to remedy those inconsistencies, If our legal experts find any gaps in our programs.
 Still, you can communicate with us or visit the following runner insulation rights, If you have any further questions regarding the insulation policy.

Collection Of Personal Data

 All data that we have to keep can be used to identify a person. We collect this information from our guests to give them a more customized experience.
 Manage Data operation
 This data is automatically collected by the computer while using our website.


Cookies are small files saved by your computer to help in future references.

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