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  • Free pickup and easy steps to sell car
  • Buy second parts for a reasonable price
  • Sell car to one of your well re-known wreckers in North Brisbane
  • Sell your unwanted, scrap, junk, old, used, smashed or written-off car to us.


    We buy any car – Car Wreckers Strathpine

    Whether your car is toward the end of its life with a deformed structure and cranky noises or its repair has cost you a fortune.
    Car Wreckers Strathpine are willing to pay cash for cars. So, if you are having an old, depilated and broken-down vehicle which is either rusting or resting in your backyard, why not make cash for this trash?

    car wreckers strathpine

    Wreckers near strathpine

    Can you think what will happen if there is no way to dispose of such unwanted vehicles?
    Such scrap cars are not only a source of environmental contamination but also will create chaos in their surroundings. Car removals haul away such unwanted vehicles in exchange for cash.
    Damaged vehicles are a source of countless troubles like

    The objective of wreckers in Strathpine is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment, Cash for Cars North Brisbane have established itself as the leader in the field of pick up junk cars for cash and auto disposal. We will buy any vehicle. That is beyond repair, unwanted and an ugly piece of metal.

    Wreckers in strathpine protects the environment

    In the wrecking yard, the operable parts of the vehicles are refurbished and sold to dealers, whereas metals are extracted from the non-working parts and sold as scrap. The whole process of scrapping and removing of toxic fluids will be done in the safest way possible.
    A scrap car is fatal when the trash mass up in landfills eventually decomposes, it can let go greenhouse gases like methane into the air, and other harmful substances into the ground and water.
    Car removal Strathpine is a way of avoiding doing this kind of damage to the environment.
    Instead of letting your car devastate, send it to wreckers near and make use of its materials instead of letting them pollute the environment.
    Helping the environment is not the only benefit of North Brisbane Wreckers.
    There are a plethora of other reasons to finally get rid of your old car by sending it to a car buyer Strathpine.
    The most palpable advantage is that you can pocket some extra cash. You could get around $200 just for the structural steel on your own.
    If you have an old car that’s just sitting and rusting in the garage of the driveway doing nothing, you may make some cash for scrap cars out of it. Otherwise, it will only continue to run down from there.
    If your vehicle is adding value only to your monthly bills and is constantly making you frustrated. The only right solution for this right problem is to remove it from your surroundings, get it wrecked with wreckers in Strathpine, and earn from this scrap vehicle.

    cash for cars Strathpine

    How to connect with us?

    Note if you only need to make a call, fix an appointment with us, and right on the day, car removal Strathpine will tow away your vehicle even if it is either stuck in the middle of the road or is resting in your carport.
    No matter in which curve or corner of Strathpine your vehicle is resting our team of experts who are skilled and well equipped will remove the junk without causing any damage.