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  • Highest cash offered for all vehicles
  • Free pick-up services all over QLD
  • Easy steps to sell your vehicle quickly
  • Get second-hand car parts at affordable prices
  • Locally owned and well-recognized wreckers in Brisbane
  • Buy all types of cars, including scrap, junk, used, old, and more

To sell your car, fill our quote form today and receive top cash for your vehicle no matter its condition, brand, or model.


    Sell Your Unwanted Car To North Brisbane Wreckers

    North Brisbane Car Wreckers are Australia’s most innovative and professions vehicle wrecking service and car parts recyclers. Every year we process more than 25,000+ vehicles QLD-wide. If you are looking to estimate your roadworthy or end-of-life vehicle’s value, we can guide you using our Free quote calculator.

    Using our quote calculator, you can easily find the most accurate value for your vehicle. We use actual market data and the information you provide about your car to develop close to original estimations. All you have to do is fill the form, and within a few minutes, you’ll receive an accurate quote.

    We offer our wrecking services in the following areas:

    Call us today to receive a free unwanted car removal service with your quote!

    Quality Used Spare Parts At Affordable Prices

    North Brisbane Wreckers proudly supplies high-quality car parts all over Australia. Supporting the second-hand car market is an integral part of our business strategy. Our inventory is filled with over 20,000 used car parts collected using eco-friendly recycling methods.

    All of our spare parts are collected using eco-friendly ways. These parts are cleaned, fixed, tested, and only sold at affordable prices in our branches. We provide our customers with peace of mind while using our spare parts. For every auto parts we provide the customers with 60-day guarantee.
    To inquire about vehicle parts suitable for your vehicle, you can either

    • Call our used car customer service team


    • Fill out the parts inquiry form
    Spare Parts

    You Can Sell All Types Of Vehicles To Us

    Whatever vehicles we buy at North Brisbane Wreckers, get used for spare parts and scrap metal. Our mission is to send the least amount of car waste to landfills. That’s why we make sure most of the materials from the old cars get recycled or reused.

    By using the available cars no matter their conditions, we can save the energy required to mine the metal. This is because mining involves comparable more energy than recycling scrap cars, metals. This is the reason why we accept all types of vehicles.

    Here is a list of some of the brands of cars we accept:

    If your car brand is not on the list above, feel free to call us. Our customer service team will get in touch with you and answer all of your queries.

    Why Sell Your Car To NorthBrisbaneWreckers?

    There are many car wreckers in Brisbane, but finding the one that offers fair prices and fast services is rare. NorthBrisbaneWreckers gives customers all the features they need to successfully sell their vehicle, no matter their condition.

    We offer customers free quotes for their cars, and by simply filling out the form, they can find their vehicles value within minutes. Not only that, but we also offer free car removal facilities all over QLD. Our tow truck drivers provide quick removals, and they remove the scrap vehicles carefully without damaging the surrounding areas.

    We have hired experts for every job. Our top-quality 24/7 customer service is the reason why we are the most chosen car wreckers in Brisbane. All of our staff are professionals and provide the highest quality service to our customers.

    If you have any questions regarding any of our service, we are available 24/7 to answer them. You can simply call us or email us your concerns.   

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    I don’t want cash for car. Are any other payment methods available?

    Yes, we pay customers in variety of ways. North Brisbane Wreckers pay via wire transfers, bank draft, and even certified cheques. You can call our customer service for more information.

    Can Car Wreckers in Brisbane sell my car in the same day?

    Yes, NorthBrisbaneWreckers can buy your car in the same day if we are not booked for that day. The whole car selling process from inspection to transfer of title tales less than an hour.

    My car has some payments due. Will you still buy it?

    Yes, we will buy your car. In this case we buy the car directly from the lender and pay you the difference.

    I have a hatchback. How much will you pay for it?

    The amount we pay depends on various factors. But the table below can be your guide:

    Vehicles type Avg. price Range
    Sedan $130 – $2,000
    4×4 $250 – $3,000
    Hatch Back $90 – $1,200
    SUV $120 – $8,999
    Wagon $100 – $9,999
    Truck $600 – $9,999