Look at the shots going with our most recent glance back taking care of business ideas and you would be excused for thoroughly considering it’s a worked VY or VZ Commodore, and not the result of Holden’s off-the-chain configuration group.

While numerous past portions in our Australia’s Best Concepts series have checked on freakish show autos, proud outlines, and mechanicals that were significantly more far-fetched to make generation than its styling, the 2002 SSX looked limited in light of current circumstances.

In only one idea, Holden was putting forth a look at various noteworthy advancements inside the lion mark positions, including the presentation of four-wheel drive and the likelihood of another home-developed hatchback.

Rather than essentially tossing another transmission under a standard Commodore and being finished with the change to all-paw, the Holden configuration group chose to have somewhat more fun and based the new innovation around an idea vehicle – the metallic green machine you see here.

Its flared wheel curves with expansions weren’t only for appear. It housed a 54mm augmented track at the front end and a back that sat 93mm fatter to suit the all-wheel drive bits and additionally expanding solidness with its more extensive position.

Under its hood was a 235kW/465Nm 5.7-liter V8 dashed to a four-speed programmed transmission and a four-wheel drive framework, which proclaimed the entry of vehicles including the VY Adventra.

That auto would likewise be trailed by other all-paw Commodore-based models, for example, the polarizing HSV Coupe4, and the selection of four-wheel drive is broadly known.

In any case, the SSX’s most clear component was its lift-back boot that indicated at Holden’s expectation to convey another remarkable first for the organization – another Commodore-sized hatchback.

The inquisitive course of action was part-ute with its drop-down back end, and part-hatchback with its rooftop pivoted substantial bootlid that was bolstered by gas struts. It opened to a 350-liter gear region,

which could be extended to 720 liters with a completely level floor when the second-push seats were collapsed.

A long way from a straightforward cleave shop mod, the new boot course of action was an intricate reevaluate of the VY tail with the back glass board moved 200mm prizes for a more car roofline, supplemented by wide C-columns with more Monaro enchantment.

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